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Capability Assessment - CITI
Our project management capability assessment provides a proven approach to understanding the capabilities of project, programme and change communities
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With the promise of more predictable delivery and benefits achievement, having the right people in the right place at the right time is the key to success. This involves recognising, and then realising, the full potential of individuals and teams by using our project management capability assessment services.

CITI’s capability assessment service acknowledges this and provides a tried and tested approach to understanding the capabilities of project, programme and change communities, particularly those involved in the delivery of projects and programmes.


CITI’s capability assessment approach has been successfully used across a wide range of sectors to establish the capability levels of individuals, and where required, benchmark them against our database of over 40,000 results. This benchmarking allows both the individual and the organisation to understand where they sit against their peers.


Our capability assessment uses a number of measures to identify the capability levels of project, programme and change professionals through a combination of online questionnaires (looking at their Knowledge, Approach and Experience), followed by a face to face interview with a CITI consultant looking at how each individual applies that Knowledge, Approach and Experience (their Skill level) to a situation.


This set of information (their KASE profile) provides a rounded picture of the individual on which each assessment is based. The results are fed back in individual and organisation level reports which can be enhanced with 1:1 developmental feedback sessions. To ensure its currency and validity our benchmarking is regularly re-tested using current data against the original benchmark.


Knowledge - Approach - Skills - Experience
CITI’s capability assessment service is proving invaluable to many organisations in:

Matching individuals’ capability to project complexity - ensuring safer and more predictable performance of initiatives

Matching both an individual’s and the whole community’s capability to organisational needs (in resource and developmental terms), to meet current and future demand

Providing safe and realistic assessments of current capability and potential developmental needs against their own internal competency framework and roles; CITI’s own competency framework; or, for example, the APM’s competence framework

Supporting decision making and strategic planning for future resource and capacity planning

Identifying capability needs for successful delivery of their enterprise portfolio

Identifying and mapping the organisation’s strengths and weaknesses in, particularly, core delivery capabilities

Providing a statistically sound approach and input into recruitment, promotion and, the more sensitive, redundancy processes. (Our approach has been recognised and accepted by several trade unions and professional bodies as a safe, sound and fair approach.)



We are a single destination for organisations who want to improve their project management and strategic change management.


Our role is to bring knowledge, skills and tools to situations in which managers are required to change or improve an organisation’s performance.


CITI’s training courses are designed to improve the capability within organisations that depend upon programmes and projects to thrive, change and innovate.


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