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CofEe Club 46 - Delivering with agility and pace in a collaborative environment - CITI
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CofEe Club 46 – Delivering with agility and pace in a collaborative environment

Transformation to Digital

Titled Delivering with agility and pace in a collaborative environment, the Coffee Club event will explore the role of collaboration with partners and alliances in order to increase the pace of delivery in projects and programmes.

The event will draw on the experience of organisations which utilise partnerships and alliances in executing project and programme delivery in order to understand how better to optimise delivery.  We will also explore tools and techniques to increase the pace of project and programme delivery and examine how best to apply them in a collaborative way or within a partnership context.

This event is especially relevant for those looking for insights into increasing the pace of delivery of projects and programmes and has a particular focus on the use of collaboration and partnership working.

Speakers will include UK Power Networks, Heathrow Airport Ltd and CITI.

Taking place on 18 September 2019 in London, we invite expressions of interest to attend. The event, as with all CITI’s Centres of Excellence series, will be free to attend but we do restrict numbers attending so please do register if you would like to reserve a place.

If you would like to learn more about how CITI could help you as partners to plan, deliver and sustain beneficial change, then please contact Richard Bateman on 01908 283600, email


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