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Portfolio, Programme and Project Offices course P3O - CITI
The Portfolio, Programme and Project Offices (P3O®) certification provides individuals with the right foundations to set up or maintain an effective delivery support office. The P3O® certification scheme has been developed to offer two levels of certification, Foundation and Practitioner. The Foundation certification is a pre-requisite for the Practitioner certification. The purpose of the Practitioner certification is to confirm that the candidate has achieved sufficient knowledge and understanding of the P3O guidance to design, implement, manage or work within any component office of a P3O model.
Portfolio, Programme and Project Offices P3O
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Portfolio, Programme and Project Offices course P3O


Our Portfolio, Programme and Project Offices course (or P3O®) is a best practice management certification aligned with PRINCE2®, MSP® and M_o_R®. This learning opportunity combines both the Foundation level and Practitioner levels to allow you to become a P3O® registered Practitioner.

This five day course aims to develop the skills needed to implement the knowledge learnt from the foundation course, then implement and apply it using scenario based learning. It addresses the strategic and practical aspects of establishing and managing a PMO and focuses on how to apply the learning.

The workshop gives you an appreciation of the issues and the challenges that face programme and project managers and project support office functions and to act as an informed member of a programme management office (PMO).


The learning opportunity is delivered through a combination of facilitator led discussion, scenario application, examples of techniques and practice papers. This method allows you to apply your own experience and understanding to accelerate your learning.


  • create a clear and compelling business case for a PMO
  • sell the business case to management
  • design, structure, and implement a PMO
  • clearly demonstrate the value provided by the PMO once operational.