What's the exam like? - CITI
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What’s the exam like?

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PRINCE2 Foundation

The PRINCE2 foundation exam:

  • one hour long
  • 75 questions long (5 of these questions are experimental, you wont know which ones they are but they wont affect your result)
  • Multiple choice (each question has 4 options)
  • Each question only has 1 correct answer
  • The pass mark is 50 percent so you need to get at least 35 marks of the 70 live questions.
  • The exam is either pass or fail there is no level of pass
  • The exam will be given a result straight away but it will be remarked by the exam authority so it may be subject to change
  • There is no trick questions

PRINCE2 Practitioner

The PRINCE2 Practitioner exam:

  • Two and a half hours long
  • 8 sections with 10 questions each, unlike the foundation exam there are no experimental questions
  • You need 55 percent to pass so you need 44 marks to pass
  • You don’t need to pass every section, just 44 marks across the whole test
  • Questions are different styles of multiple choice
  • There is only 1 correct answer per question unless you are specifically asked to give multiple answers
  • There are no levels of pass, it is either pass or fail
  • Again the exams may be marked by straight away but they will be sent of to the exam authority again, which will take up to 2 weeks to remark
  • There are no trick questions