MSc Managing Major Projects and Programmes

If you are actively managing projects or programmes and wish to develop your professional value then the MSc Managing Major Projects and Programmes is for you.

Ideally you will have a good honours degree and at least three years’ experience in leading projects or programmes. If you have considerable, relevant management experience and do not meet the academic requirement, you may still be able to join the course.

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What are the course objectives?

The aim of the MSc is to develop professional project and programme managers, qualified to manage the most complex programmes, skilled enough to run cross-discipline business and technical projects, and expert in the politics and processes of the project and programme community. As a graduate of the MSc, you will be one of your organisation’s most capable project and programme managers, understanding how best to apply processes and techniques to solve problems in your management of programmes and major projects.

The part-time MSc is constructed to create a lasting impact on your knowledge, skill levels and approach by challenging your beliefs and behaviours in the execution of projects and programmes.

What content is covered?

The outcome is an authoritative and expert practitioner, who bases decisions and judgments on evidence derived from reliable sources and practical experiences, interpreted through critical reflection.

Your knowledge and understanding is developed through analysis of projects and programmes that have been executed and reviewed by expert peers and judged by history.

Engagement in practical activities is used to create accelerated experiences. This is followed by a rigorous debriefing that analyses the factors impacting the decision processes and implementation, introducing a reflective approach leading to self-appraisal of performance.

What are the key topics?
  • Business strategy
  • Translating vision to reality
  • Business change management
  • Benefits and the business case
  • Organising work into portfolios, programmes and projects
  • Structuring a programme
  • Stakeholder management
  • Project mission
  • Project planning
  • Leadership and motivation
  • Working with teams
  • Visibility
  • Requirements management
  • Command and control
  • Design and delivery management
  • Risk management
  • Value management – practical application
  • Strategic supply chain management
  • Portfolio structuring and risk diversification
  • Major and mega projects
What is the course format?

High-impact workshops, case studies, lectures and syndicate exercises are used to provide access to, and input from, tutors who are practising programme and project managers with a passion for teaching. The wealth of experience they bring spans many major industries and government organisations.

They are there to challenge as well as support you, to help develop your professional behaviours and enable you to become a highly valued member of your organisation’s project and programme management community.

The distance learning modules allow you to extend your understanding of key areas and provide the opportunity to fully investigate key concepts and experiences.

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What is the duration and cost of the course?
We are not currently running this course as an open course available to the general public. However, if you have a minimum of 6 colleagues interested in completing this course please get in touch at