Knowledge and insights
Knowledge and insights

CITI has researched, tested and pragmatically applied approaches that improve organisational performance in running major change initiatives. Many of our findings have been published and are integral to the way in which we develop solutions for our clients.

Papers and Articles

As a knowledge company we pride ourselves on the expertise our consultants bring to the field of project and programme management. This know how is encapsulated in white papers and articles – thoroughly researched commentaries on the state of thinking in specific areas in project and programme management. To view our papers and articles please click here.

Presentations and webinars

Many of our consultants are invited to share insights and best practice at conferences and events on project and programme management, both in the UK and abroad. At these events we have run a number of seminar sessions in partnership with many of our clients, who have described their experiences, successes and lessons learned for the audience. To view our presentations and webinars please click here.

Capability questionnaires

We are constantly gathering data to support the development of our propositional services. We have analysed over 200 management support offices, 12,000 project managers, 500 programme managers and 2,000 projects. Our free online questionnaires are samples of our profiling tools. To view our capability questionnaires please click here.

Tools and guides

Our range of tools and e-guides encapsulate our knowledge and experience as well as industry best practice in project and programme management. Developed for your use by our expert consultants, these tool-kits can be tailored to reflect your own approaches or methods and access provided via our client xchange or installation on your own Intranet. To view our tools and guides please click here.

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