CofEe club

Dates: 20 July 2012
Venue: The twenty-seventh meeting of the Centres of Excellence Club (CofEe Club) was hosted by BG Group Group, at their offices in Reading.

Most organisations sit with a challenge: they are constantly under pressure to change – either to become more competitive or to become more efficient – but to do this with diminishing resources. A consequence is that selecting the change portfolio of projects and programmes is becoming a critical activity.

What is clear is those organisations who are or become successful at selecting near optimum, balanced portfolios will win the day. However, this typically will require the senior management to adopt much greater accountability for the assessment and governance of change, as well as providing leadership that will enable successful change to materialise, time after time.

In the twenty-seventh meeting of CofEe Club, CofEe Club members discussed prioritisation of the change portfolio.

Two case studies were presented by members of CofEe Club, and key insights led by a CITI expert formed the basis for members to join one or more of the breakout groups that explored:

What is the most effective prioritisation scheme?
How is a potential portfolio reduced to the ‘best’ portfolio?
What are the factors that should drive balancing a portfolio?
Where should accountabilities for success sit in portfolio governance
CofEe Club is an invitation-only, membership-based network of like-minded professionals with responsibility for change, projects, programmes and portfolios in their organisations. Each quarter, a member organisation hosts a workshop at which a current hot topic is discussed, and experiences and concerns are shared.

If you are interested in becoming a member please email Amanda Muscat at