2004 Project World

Dates: 04 March 2004 to 05 March 2004
Venue: Earls Court Olympia, London

Connecting with why (using the project and programme portfolio to achieve corporate objectives)

Alignment is a hot topic word in senior management circles. Project business cases with pages of carefully worked out costs and a brief mention of the value don’t help. This session focuses on how to structure portfolios of projects to meet strategic ambitions; on what senior management needs to do to keep the ruthless focus on valuable outcomes, not costs and progress, and what changes to governance are necessary to deliver the corporate vision.

  • Governance issues involved in managing a properly aligned portfolio
  • Structuring a portfolio based on value
  • Balancing desirability with do-ability

CASE STUDY: Mike Hawes, Head of Organisational Development at Eurostar, will join Christopher Worsley to describe Eurostar’s experiences of using the project and programme portfolio to achieve corporate objectives.